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Josefina M. Castillo

Program Coordinator

American Friends Service Committee,

Texas, Arkansas & Oklahoma (AFSC-TAO)

1304 E. 6th St. Suite 3

Austin, Tx. 78702-3355

Ph: (512) 474-2399




Ph.D. in Language, Reading & Culture

M. A. in Latin American Studies

University of Arizona, U. S. A.

B.A. in Sociology

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

México, D. F.



At the present time I work as Program Coordinator of American Friends Service Committee-TAO (Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma).  The content of our Program is based on popular education methodology and techniques, as follows:

Latin America and the Caribbean Education and Solidarity -- The Latin American/Caribbean program educates the public on the US role in militarization throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, and the relationships between economic policies, military repression and immigration.

Movement Support for Organizers -- The Movement Support program offers technical assistance and training to organizations of low-income, such as women of color and the local immigrant community as they develop skills and resources to accomplish their long-term organizational goals.

Democratizing the Global Economy: AFSC-TAO is engaged in a national AFSC initiative called the Democratizing the Global Economy Project, with a particular focus on trade as it relates to debt, labor and immigration. The objectives of this project are to draw on the strengths of AFSC offices currently working on issues related to the global economy, to develop training and educational materials to share with other AFSC offices and to do public outreach on trade issues, specifically related to the proposed Free Trade Area of the Americas.