Project on the Study of Gender, Globalization and Human Rights
Professor Elvia R. Arriola, Project Director
Northern Illinois University College of Law
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Delegation Photos

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Women on the Border


Delegation Photos                                       

Elvia Arriola, WOB with NIU student Kate Horonzy, Piedras Negras, Oct. 2005

Niki Cain, Heather Vaughn, explore machinery at Dignity and Justice fair trade factory.

Delegates stop for lunch on the way to the border

Workers and U.S. delegates pose in the factory "Dignidad y Justicicia"

Pieedras Negras

Fall 2005

A meal at Lety's, Piedras Negras, Oct. 2005

On the way to Reynosa, Oct. 2006

Waiting to go, Lety's outhouse, Piedras Negras,October 2005


Delegates dine in the home of Ania,

Reynosa, 2005

Megan B., Wisconsin Law Student, NLG member, Reynosa, 2005

CFO Coordinator, Julia Quiñonez (center)

Oct. 2006

On the way to Lety's the van gets stuck in the mud, 2005 Delegation

A meal and a lesson on workers' wages, Alejandra's home, Reynosa, Oct. 2006

Ricardo H. (AFSC) and Julia Q.(CFO)

and others answer questions

Reynosa, 2006

A chat with a Rio Bravo pro-workers' rights Councilmember

Oct. 2006

Hoodeet explains the friendship ties between ATCF and CFO

Atanasio describes workers' organizing methods, Reynosa, Oct. 2006

Natalie G., Kailin J., Julia Q>, at closing meal, Reynosa, 2006

The tension reliever: "Este es un sapo!"

Delegation Dinne in Doña Alejandra's home, Reynosa, 2006

The NLG lawyers say goodbye to Vidal, maquiladora worker and CFO volunteer , Reynosa, 2006